Vocal Knights

Empathy, Charity, Mercy.


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A note about our uniforms

“The mission of each true knight is duty.”

Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha

A uniform means purpose. In Vocal Knights, we all wear it as a distinctive of our agreement for our mission—a mission whose sole purpose is to elevate the spirit of humankind with music, empathy, charity, and mercy.


Our Story

Since 2015

Experience the Magic of Music

We are a group of singers inspired to spread our love of music across the world alongside giving help to those in need.

Come with us to learn the hidden mysteries of opera and lyric culture!



Song vs Art Song vs Arias.


  • Musical piece fit for any voice using transposition
  • May be sung with amplification

Art Song

  • Fit for developed voices
  • It can be transposed but must respect the way the piece was written. Bring justice to it!


  • The maximum expression for a single voice
  • It is a most difficult piece to sing due to the volume, expression & drama.
  • It is not meant to be transposed nor be using amplification unless the area is in the open air or the venue is too big.
  • Requires years of training so the singer brings justice to the composer.
  • Must be sung by the appropriate gender.